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Benefits of installing car steering wheel cover

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

In the eyes of most of us, car steering wheel cover is a decoration, just buy it because it looks, in fact, car steering wheel cover it is not a flashy product, but many people don't know it's good. New cars there is no steering wheel cover or business promotions the bus ride, the role is first and foremost in the eyes of most drivers steering wheel looks, but also a better feel, steering wheel cover or actually has a lot of uses that are not more people know about it.

First car steering wheel cover has a damping effect. Due to steering wheel itself of material is partial hard of, in driving road bad of situation Xia, especially in mountain between path of when, driver hand steering wheel will was a array violent of jitter, such will stimulus human of heart, although surface Shang cannot reflected what, but over does, according to about health experts of claims, heart if often by body directly conduction stimulus too much, over time will is easy suffering from heart, directly on driver of body health caused very big of against. Now there are a lot of steering wheel covers are equipped with shock-absorbing,--EVA part within the product will have a special materials elastomers can effectively shock, just like tires and body between spring and reduced vibration.

Followed by the car steering wheel covers can play a protective effect on the steering wheel, in the process of driving a car, everyone's hands will sweat, hand contact with the steering wheel was the most frequent, has millions of bacteria adsorption on the steering wheel. By steering wheel cover is more conducive to absorbing sweat, good feel for drivers at all times, and it is easy to take apart and wash, helps to improve the health level of life. According to the Ministry of Health said, if you want to remove these bacteria can only heat disinfection, ultraviolet, virus, with ordinary damp cloth cleaning is not a fundamental role. Can be disinfected regularly if you have steering wheel cover, greatly facilitate owners to carry out routine cleaning to ensure health within the car.

Attention car to live a healthy, high-quality car steering wheel cover, can not only see the decorative function of the product, should improve the steering wheel cover practical knowledge. Now, with the market segmentation, demand improved steering wheel covers to become independent. Continuous improvement of design and production technology, product more attractive and more user-friendly.