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Deerskin cashmere car steering wheel cover buying guide

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

For owners, we have a steering wheel cover, not only the steering wheel from wear, and add texture and friction, prevent skidding hand sweating, and enhanced responsiveness and safety in cars, could also play a role in reducing shock. In addition, car steering wheel cover itself has a very strong decorative, automotive interior trim to add role.

Buckskin is with the nature of soft, strong, light weight, and has been widely used in high-grade car seat, steering wheel covers and other interior products, has won the consumer favorite.

Deer velvet car steering wheel cover high quality deer velvet as a surface material, the inner ring for natural environmental protection rubber. Owners can be different according to the automotive interior environment, targeting different colors to match the steering wheel cover. Judging from the overall effect of loading, there is a sense changed the original wooden, make it more playful and lively.

Deerskin cashmere lightweight, soft, breathable, sweat-absorbent, can enhance the driving feel. Be used in workmanship is the nature of these, pinhole-like design makes it sweat-absorbent breathable to maximize results.

Automotive interior environment has always been a focus of concern to owners and deer velvet car steering wheel cover-white inner rings for rubber, environmentally friendly, natural, no peculiar smell, which conforms to the pursuit of the green environment of philosophy. In addition, taking into account traffic safety, which deliberately made anti-skid treatment, avoid accidental slippage.