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How to select for the car seat and steering wheel cover

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

For car owners, packed in a soft, steering wheel covers, not only can make the steering wheel from wear and to add texture and friction, avoid skidding hand sweating to enhance response sensitivity and safety in cars, but also to reduce absorption of the impact. Now various style car steering wheel covers are sold in the market. Steering wheel cover varieties, according to the different raw material to the classification can be divided into the plush, plush, velour, thick fabric, like skin diving, leather, cloth, rubber, leather and high density lambswool thicken DermIS.

The weather turned cold, buy car steering wheel covers to choose from and less rigorous plush or thick materials such as oil on canvas, to pay attention to size size. The steering wheel is "human-vehicle interaction" most direct hub owners control the car at all every day sure to firmly grasp the steering wheel in your hands, just like my life control.

When choosing a steering wheel cover in winter, you can pick a warm plush or thick materials such as oil on canvas, in the selection of favorite colors and styles at the same time, size size is also a forgotten issue, buy steering wheel cover cannot be installed on the right or on the car.

Sport steering wheel cover features bright colors, color blocks and blocks of color against the fierce, reflect a passion for sports. Steering wheel cover appearances often have little bumps, to add the slip resistance.