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Small steering wheel cover against a geometric

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

Snow has gone, the winter solstice is coming. Although the weather in Wenzhou is not cold "freezing" hands "frozen", but cool and occasionally rainy days, will still be a little shiver. So, more and more car owners to their car and put on the thick "winter clothes", give warm plush seat covers on the seats, steering wheel fitted with fluffy steering wheel cover, as well as the hand brake lever and the transmission gear lever bearing a thick sock. Steering wheel cover many types, if in accordance with the material, can be divided into the plush, leather, silicone rubber, fibers, such as if-according to the style, can also be divided into sports, cute, mature, simple type, and so on, different style of steering wheel cover and even set up unique personalized ornaments. For the beauty of the female driver, is indeed no small temptation. However, these seemingly very practical, very warm car kits are not safe, when in case of emergency, they could be fatal.

-Sisi Lin Zhi Cai Chenglai

Manipulate the weak

Winter, the General class of retailers recommend plush steering wheel cover, mainly the cold, driving without freezing hands. However, this thick fluffy steering wheel cover tend to lower the sensitivity of the driver's control. Some drivers think to use steering wheel cover to hold the steering wheel, driving has no effect. But after tests found that, in the event of an emergency, for example, at high speeds or in need of urgent directions to avoid, if put on the thick steering wheel cover, will not be able to respond in a timely manner, even some of the thick steering wheel cover could impede the driver.

Easy sell

Whether it's linen, or woolly class does not have non-slip effect steering wheel cover, anxious to play in the process of hand easily slid open on the steering wheel, this is extremely dangerous. General rain and snow in the winter, use steering wheel cover will reduce the friction between the hand and the steering wheel, steering wheel in case of wet, sharp turns and section difficult to manipulate, not conducive to dispose of when an emergency occurs, steering wheel easy to dispose of, causing the accident.

Loss of cortical

All sewing isn't steering wheel covers on the market now is basically fixed internal rubber, is to not let the steering wheel moves. However, while the steering wheel cover on the steering wheel cannot move on a large scale, there is a very slight displacement, and these small displacements brought about by friction to the DermIS is fatal, makes leather steering wheel left irreparable damage.