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Some suggestions to automobile interior industry

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 08, 2016

In recent years, car interior industry became stronger as the development of car industry. The quality of car interiors improved gradually, but risks are still existed. And here are some suggestions:

The first is to pay attention to the least trend of related standard and laws, and further improve the safety standard system. It is necessary to research the safety performance of car interiors, and increase the environmental protection.

The second is to create a set of standards. The brand awareness is poor and standardization degree is low, which seriously restricted the further development of automobile interior industry.

The next is to carry out quality risk testing and assessment. Enterprises need to actively monitor the quality condition, and provide risk monitoring data for regulators.

As long as enterprises enhance the market discipline and improve the quality, the automobile interior industry will develop, and enterprises can get benefit form it.