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Steering wheel "dressed" bad "drive"

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

In winter, many owners to the steering wheel of your car put on a lavish "fur coat". Recently, this reporter visited the area car beauty shops, find a wide variety of plush steering wheel cover car owners like to visit, especially the beauty of female owners.

"It was so cold a few days, while the steering wheel shaking hands would freeze a little stiff, I wanted to buy a furry steering wheel on the set. I selected this one is made of pure wool, not only warm but also look good. "In a car beauty shops, the public Ms Lee to buy at the price of 100 Yuan a furry steering wheel cover. According to staff introduced this winter and fluffy steering wheel cover sales have been good, come to buy the public a lot.

Subsequently, the reporter followed Lee in the town and a few laps, Lee told reporters that after install steering wheel cover, hands are not cold, but feels not used when reversing direction, a bit slippery, seemed to struggle than ever before. Reporter interview a few people with fluffy steering wheel cover installed, found that we feel when using "do more harm than good". Owner Liu told reporters, skidding once she felt the steering wheel while driving, and nearly bumped into on the road next to the taxi, "Fortunately, taxi drivers make quick responses, dumped the front away from the, otherwise hit. "Rocky LAU in to stop, and narrowly missed a parked car on the rub.

Automobile maintenance industry Mr Wang told reporters that the cold weather in the Northeast, many drivers like fluffy steering wheel cover, but this can become a security risk of a traffic accident. "With plush steering wheel cover reduces friction between the hand and the steering wheel, if you encounter unexpected situations, turning, turning the action needs to be done, this wheel would be more slippery, easy to lose control. "Mr Wang said, especially for the smaller woman, too thick steering wheel cover is more appropriate, since it would create the steering wheel too thick, hold not affect traffic safety. In addition, this would weaken motorists feel of the steering wheel, there are certain security risks.