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Steering wheel cover to make your car look unique

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

Speaking of steering wheel covers, I think we must all be familiar, it and the seat cushion, pad just as popular in the automotive products market. Consumers buy it mostly plays a decorative role in the car, and material good steering wheel covers also lets owners feel more comfortable when driving. Designer inspiration is now emerging, they designed many different fabrics and patterns of steering wheel covers to meet the shortage of consumer products market.

In our common types of steering wheel covers, divided into the following three types.

1. cute

Cute steering wheel cover not only design to attract people's attention, but will not affect its ease of use and comfort. Faux fur is common on the market now (Leopard print, Zebra, tiger stripes, etc) plush cover, feels very fashionable. In addition, there is a cartoon, not just cartoons printed on a surface, and further cartoon dolls of stereo mounted directly on the steering wheel cover.

2. mature business

Main features of this type of steering wheel cover materials. With velvet and leather as the main material. Velvet material looks reveal extravagance, but easier to wear, the service life is shorter, mottled surface may occur over a period of time after the problem of uneven, options to be considered comprehensive. While the cortex is relatively strong and durable. Suede soft and solid leather can be owners in turn while driving a shake feels real.

3. sport

Sporty steering wheel cover mainly foam and soft rubber in two ways. Sporty features colors of bright, lively, and gives a feeling of youthful energy.