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Automotive PVC Steering Wheel Cover According To The Installation Method Classification

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

  Automotive PVC Steering Wheel Cover According to the installation method classification, generally can be divided into two broad categories:

  Cute type

  The name is the combination of bright colors and strange shapes such as new elements of PVC steering wheel cover, such as cartoon sets and fluff sets. The cute "trap" design is not only novel, but also does not affect the convenience and comfort of its use. Such "traps" often have a series of related patterns of car products

  Mature Type

  The main feature is the material on the body today. Generally, velvet and leather are the main materials. Velvet material appears to highlight your gas,PVC Steering Wheel Cover but more easily wear, life is relatively short, in the use of a period of time may appear on the surface mottled, uneven color problems, in the choice to consider comprehensive. The "trap" of the cortex is relatively strong and durable.

  Sports type

  The main foam and soft rubber two kinds. The characteristic of the sports "trap" is the vivid color, the contrast between the color block and the color block is strong,PVC Steering Wheel Cover and the passion of the movement is emergent. In the "trap" there are often a small bump, used to prevent slippery.


  The main feature is the color can be compared with any color car interior collocation is more good-looking coordination, hand-knitted beige black super fiber leather hand-woven, durable and beautiful, the inner ring is rubber material. Whether you're a beige interior,PVC Steering Wheel Cover a grey interior or a black interior, the steering wheel can give you a different feeling.