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Automotive Supplies Leading Brands "Hauteur" Strong Entry CCTV Centre

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

Nowadays, automotive e-commerce can be described as meteoric rise, major e-commerce platform not only vehicle sales track record, all kinds of auto accessories concern have also become more sophisticated. Today, more and more auto accessories companies have electrocuted through the e-commerce platform to sell automotive supplies, tried to open up a new road. CCTV shopping mall was formally launched in July 2013, with CCTV's innate brand, its superior brand credibility, influence and recognition, attracted some mainstream brand settled. In this context, has been pushing management professional, high-end car accessories red Hauteur of hi-tech development limited strength assigned to CCTV Mall.

Hong Hao company was set up in 1999, Mr HOLTS, REDEX brand series of car care products, after years of attracting talents and explore for new business models in 2003, established a sales network covering the more than more than 120 cities across the country, the network coverage of the industry's leading brands. The company "international, professional, high-end" brand positioning, "passionate Verso, maverick" corporate slogan, in 05 is rated as "China auto maintenance equipment top ten influential brand". The following year, Hong Hao company to strengthen enterprise internal management, adjustment and streamline the business model and focus on building "Hauteur" brands. 09 red Hauteur established "2009-2012 planning for sustainable development, specific orientation of new markets, to promote" Hauteur "brand, and changed its name to" Beijing hi-tech development Hong Hao, Ltd ", the enterprise since the inception, has been committed to brand-building and attaches great importance to corporate reputation in the community and establish a good corporate image and brand reputation. "Offense is the best defense, development is best maintained" is the operating philosophy, "quality first, service first" is the service philosophy, always striving for quality and development, "leading, pragmatism, honesty, harmony and win-win" values, determined to become a leading industry's century-old enterprise. In 2014, Holt moved into home appliance platform, and cooperated with CCTV Mall, set hundreds of their talents and Red Hauteur electrical contractor industry, to further explore the Plaza Mall and lay a solid foundation.

CCTV station Mall to high quality, and integrity, and just for guarantee, is committed to for pursuit quality life of consumers provides fine of high-end brand experience and no worries shopping confidence guarantees, red Howe special company "professional, and high-end, and quality" of concept and CCTV Mall of concept phase consistent, believes in electric business CCTV Mall powerful of public letter force, and influence and the cognitive degrees Xia, Holt brand value and products advantage will get further of improve and deepening, will for consumers brings new, and fine of shopping experience.