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Cold Weather "warm Economic" Steering Wheel Covers And Other Automotive Supplies Best Selling

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

These two days, members of the public feel it cold, sooner or later, have been put on gloves, scarf, mask, "warm" products entering the season. Yesterday, the reporter to downtown shopping malls, jewelry shops, restaurants to visit in a circle, scarf sold, car started the fire, "warm", chafing man is full...... "warm economy" is particularly hot.

Reporters in SHUNDE and styles in the market Street, Shunde roads and some jewelry store to see, scarves, gloves, mask, cotton slippers, knee pads and other items one by one to be put on the shelf. "Now that the weather is cold, buy a lot of masks, gloves, shop cartoon style gloves and masks are very popular with young girls. "Jewelry store owner Zhang Xiaoxia told reporters two days ago she didn't come and the goods, gloves sold stock.

She said, hats and scarves are selling very well, well Hat prices shop sales in 20-30, scarf price is 30 yuan, the price rose slightly over last year, rose an average of about 5 Yuan, but sold well.

The reporter, Bao, cotton slippers, knee pads, warm, thermal underwear, thermal paste, and warm items in the commodities, the recent sales are good.

Cars are "warm"

Springs South Avenue and Park Street and other car accessories shop, reporters saw a plush seat covers, steering wheel cover, car warm supplies started selling.

Reporter in a car accessory shop to see cars warm cushion prices range from hundreds of thousands of Yuan, coral texture snow flocking, sheep shearing, such as velvet, velboa, all kinds of styles. "This time, warm wool pad sold well. "The boss told reporters that many owners are starting to buy winter dresses, especially female owners, like create a warm atmosphere in the car, the store sold several seats each day, price of 300 yuan to 500 Yuan more popular car seat.

Reporters saw a "warm" is also favored by the owners. The "keep warm" fold is a back cushion, release is a thin quilt. Owner Lee bought one "warm", she said: "there is this very convenient, usually when the back, cold weather or the child fell asleep in the car, directly open the can be used as a quilt. ”