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Do You Know What The Direction Of The Steering Wheel Cover?

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 14, 2017

  Do you know what the direction of the steering wheel cover?

  Many new owners in the car will be combined with their own preferences, buy some auxiliary car accessories to re-decoration to the car some, but decorated to decorate, there are many car interior products not only play a decorative role, it is Owners of the driving experience and driving safety will have a great role in upgrading.

  Some of the new owners of these products do not understand the function of the blind to buy, the results of the product to buy back to regret, and would like to take the trouble, will use it feel uncomfortable, to avoid the occurrence of these things, Time to learn more about the function of these products friends.

  Today, let us introduce the role of steering wheel cover it.

  1, a good direction of the disk should play a role in protecting the steering wheel. Car steering wheel is one of the most frequent contact with the car, the general material is mainly leather or plastic, not wearable. I think every car owners do not want to car or new, the results of the steering wheel is ragged it, after all, every day looking at it, or not so badly good, buy a steering plate to protect what, why not?

  2, a good steering wheel sets will enhance the comfort of the steering wheel. Car steering wheel are manufactured in accordance with national standards, in order to adapt to the vast majority of the steering wheel are made relatively small, the size of each hand is not the same, in this thickness of the general steering wheel certainly not so appropriate, so add a Section of the steering plate to solve this problem friends.

  3, a good direction of the set will match the color of the car, played a role in beautifying the car environment. General car colors are relatively simple, a long time will certainly produce visual fatigue, affecting traffic safety, coupled with a steering wheel cover, with a little different colors, happy, pleasing.

  4, easy to wash and wash, clean and sanitary. Steering wheel is the most frequent place to contact with the car, it is easy to produce dirt and bacteria. Want to thoroughly clean the sterilization, unloading the steering wheel is certainly not Kaopu, most people did not that ability, coupled with a steering wheel cover, wash and wash installation is very convenient, why not buy a set of it

  5, a good steering wheel cover should also have a shock function. General steering wheel material is leather or hard plastic, relatively hard, in the event of sudden braking and other sudden conditions can not be very good on the arm to play the role of shock absorption, and thus hurt the arm, a good steering wheel sets can be very good To solve this problem.

  In addition, some different types of different types of steering wheel sets can also play some special effects, such as ice silk material can absorb sweat, keep the hand dry, winter wool material can keep warm. With a pattern and protruding steering wheel cover can also massage the hand and so on.