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Do You Want To Install A Steering Wheel Cover In The End?

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

  Do you want to install a steering wheel cover in the end?

  Many owners in order to pursue the interior of the car interior and fashion, mostly for their own car loaded on the steering wheel cover, the material is also varied, with plush, plush, velvet, leather, imitation leather, etc., the installation method has a direct set up , There are hand-sewn up; especially in the winter, but also by the lad owners welcome.

  So do you want to install the steering plate?

  1 steering wheel vibration can allow drivers to perceive the road conditions, and the use of steering wheel cover, the driver will reduce the road conditions of perception and ability to judge;

  2 steering wheel sets will reduce the friction between the steering wheel and the hand, in the face of rain and snow slippery, sharp road conditions and other urgent need to hit the steering wheel, the steering wheel cover is easy to slip, affecting the operation, causing danger;

  3 use some longer with a doll or villi steering wheel cover, but also easy to block the dashboard, affecting the line of sight, affecting driving;

  4 use some very thick steering wheel cover, will affect the hand on the steering wheel grip, will affect the hands of smaller female car owners, reducing the handling;

  5 if you must use the steering wheel cover, the proposed use of leather materials, and the size should also choose the right, there will be no risk of slipping;