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Fluffy Steering Wheel Cover Sales Call

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

Car accessories steering wheel cover textures and styles on the market at present, a wide range, with most of the cortex, less plush texture. This is because the weather is not too cold, supplies will rise in the next month, bought plush steering wheel cover for females. However, with temperatures falling, fluffy steering wheel cover upward trend in sales.

Yesterday, the reporter found in the international trade city auto supply store, many stores have a steering wheel cover for sale. Steering wheel cover to texture classification, including leather, imitation leather, plastic, plush, sewing and other; to style Division, card sets, such as by hand. Steering wheel cover size is different, s, m, l, XL four models, ranging in price from 10 Yuan to 120 Yuan.

"Cortical sells well, because it can be used in summer and winter, practicality and comfort is good. "The green line auto supplies, Yiwu city, the Manager said, compared with the leather steering wheel covers and fluffy steering wheel cover for short time, so the supply is relatively small. However, as the weather is getting colder and fluffy steering wheel cover will increase the demand and supply is also increasing. "Recently sold plush steering wheel cover-oriented, mostly female drivers to buy. ”

But what the Manager does not recommend that you buy and use fluffy steering wheel cover, because fluffy steering wheel cover for sale currently on the market are very slippery, there are security risks. What managers say, buy a steering wheel cover, should choose a material with anti-slip effect.