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How Do I Choose A Steering Wheel Cover?

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

steering wheel cover Owners in the car during the process, palm and steering wheel to maintain intimate contact. Hands and steering wheel friction to control the driving, because the steering wheel texture is more rigid, the surface is very smooth, it will increase the difficulty of control.

General steering wheel for the zinc alloy material, hard texture, complex structure. Owners in the driving process in addition to maintaining the correct posture, the touch between the fingers is also very important. Especially the weather changes, such as the summer palm easy to sweat, it is easy to produce slippery phenomenon, and after the sun under the sun, the steering wheel will produce heat. Winter steering wheel surface is also easy to make cold fingers frostbite, the use of gloves will make the palm feel uncomfortable.

In addition the steering wheel itself is too hard, the vehicle driving in the bad road on the road, suddenly over a small gap, each driver will feel a violent jitter steering, which stimulate the heart. There are many drivers disagree, in fact, this great harm, especially the driver of long-term driving, according to the health experts say, if the heart is often subject to direct stimulation of the body too much, over time will be easy to suffer from heart disease, direct damage to the driver The physical health. The steering wheel cover can effectively cushion this vibration.

For a car owners, the installation of a soft steering wheel cover, not only can make the steering wheel from wear and tear, but also increase the feel and friction, to prevent hand sweating slippage, thereby enhancing the car driving reaction sensitivity and security, but also Play a role in reducing the absorption of vibration.

Steering wheel is the "car and car interaction," the most direct link, the owner every day when driving a car must be firmly in the hands of the steering wheel, like their own life to control the same.

The use of steering wheel cover

To the steering wheel with a suitable steering wheel cover, not only can drive to bring convenience and happiness, but also to protect the steering wheel from wear and tear, do nothing, why not? Xiao Bian found that the current market type of steering wheel There are many, according to their material to divide are: plush, lambskin, leather, PU leather, diving cloth, color, pattern is also different.

Choose the steering wheel cover like girls choose the same dress, the election can give you add luster, but the wrong choice is not only beautiful, but also bring a lot of trouble.

In addition, the steering wheel cover has the function of protecting the steering wheel, it is easy to wash and wash, which will help improve the health and living standards of the car. In the whole driving of the car, the hand and steering wheel contact is of course the most frequent, many of the dirt and breeds of many bacteria.

Attention to the health of car life, the choice of high-quality car steering wheel cover, can not only see the decorative function of the product, should improve the practicality of the steering wheel cover.