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How To Pick The Right Steering Wheel Cover

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 14, 2017

  How to pick the right steering wheel cover

  Steering wheel sets of the biggest drawbacks lies in the slippery, and then tighten the silk products will also have a certain impact on the control. Therefore, in the selection of steering wheel sets to choose the larger side of the friction, the installation will not appear after the slippery situation.

  At the same time, the steering wheel cover the surface can not be too slippery, such as long-haired material, flax and other steering wheel sets, the use of slippery may be caught phenomenon. In addition, before use, to check the direction of the steering wheel cover work, see if there are some hard lines or hard wrinkles, so as not to use scratch the palm of your hand.

  Select the hand-sewn leather steering wheel cover

  Since the use of steering wheel sets will drive to bring security risks, then, is not winter can not use the steering wheel cover, any hands cold? In addition to the use of steering wheel cover, there are no other warm way? In this regard, the experts give the proposed winter It is best to use hand-sewn leather steering wheel cover.

  Hand-stitched leather steering wheel cover and daily needs on the market need to use rubber fixed plush steering wheel sets are very different, the most critical point it is really fixed on the steering wheel, there will be no relative displacement, and in the sewing process Will make the direction set close to the steering wheel, you can do completely fit, to avoid slipping.

  At the same time, the driver driving in winter, can also be equipped with a more practical anti-skid gloves. If you are using the steering wheel cover for warmth, it is recommended to purchase winter gloves with anti-skid function, which is much safer than the steering wheel cover and can be kept warm.