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Installation Of Steering Wheel Cover

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

Now the car has become an indispensable thing in people's lives, car decoration has become a very large-scale business, today Xiaobian talk about the steering wheel sets of installation methods. Winter, the leather steering wheel really do feel the morning feels some cool hand, so Xiaobian bought a plush on the Internet direction of the set, the installation can be described as twists and turns, and finally find a teacher to give me instructions on the installation.

Installation of steering wheel cover

first step

Since the installation, the steering wheel cover, the first is to use a favorite, the color is very important, must be with their own age, car interior to match the direction of the set, must match, it is important, Red and black with the election in the direction of the disk is also selected with red and black sports models. Of course, quality is also very important, do not taste the kind of great, so be sure to buy tasteless.

The second step

The steering wheel cover external packaging and internal support foam removed, hand along the steering wheel cover a week rubbing, change slightly soft.

third step

Will have a decorative direction of the steering wheel set a good symmetry, here must be symmetrical, is put, or put on the bad to take down, when the time looked particularly awkward, very uncomfortable.

the fourth step

Insert the upper end of the steering wheel cover into the upper part of the steering wheel and press it down. Of course, this can only be pressed into about half.

the fifth step

This is the most critical one, but also all the ridiculous step of all the riders, his hands down on both sides of the line, along the card to go down along the slide, but some very tight direction of the disk sets, It is only one way, hard it! This is very critical, do not be reluctant to force, forced into the.