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Is It Necessary To Have A PVC Steering Wheel Cover?

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

  Is it necessary to have a PVC Steering Wheel Cover?

  Recently, with cold air south, the temperature plummeted. Some car owners in order to no longer hand cold, then give their own car steering wheel to install the PVC Steering Wheel Cover. Plus after the hand warm effect is indeed visible in general, the car interior is also like a lot of beautiful. But the car prophet would like to ask a car owners, the steering wheel really need to add it?

  Expert advice: use hand-sewn leather PVC Steering Wheel Cover, or equipped with a pair of anti-skid gloves

  Since the winter, with the temperature drop, more and more owners to their car's steering wheel to wear a thick "winter" --- installation steering wheel sets. However, many owners do not know, all kinds of steering wheel sets, although both warm and stylish, but also caused a certain impact on driving safety. So, the use of steering wheel sets of what is the risk of driving it? All kinds of PVC Steering Wheel Cover, what kind of material the most appropriate?

  Owners have for the steering wheel "Tim clothing"

  After the cold weather in winter, many owners feel that every time the car was cold when the steering wheel. If you open the heating up, take a long time. So, just one winter, many owners gave the car steering wheel added "clothing" --- steering wheel sets. However, for the use of steering wheel sets on the safety of any harm and impact, many owners have said it is not clear.

  Steering wheel "dress" is not easy to control

  What are the effects and hazards of using steering wheel jackets on driving? According to the Patrol introduced, the winter temperature is low, people's ability to respond and perceived ability will decline, the use of steering wheel sets to increase the difficulty of the driver's manipulation.

  Second, the winter rain and snow weather, road icing phenomenon, the use of steering wheel sets will reduce the steering wheel and the friction between the hand, in the face of rain and snow slippery, sharp turn when the steering wheel is not easy to control, prone to control slip, In dealing with the emergency situation is not conducive to safe disposal, steering wheel easy to sell, affecting safety, resulting in accidents.

  In addition, the driver can also be through the steering wheel vibration to perceive the road conditions, especially in the high-speed driving or sharp turns, can be determined by the steering wheel to make emergency treatment. The use of PVC Steering Wheel Cover, to a certain extent, will reduce the friction between the hand and the steering wheel, reducing the driver's perception of the road conditions and ability to judge.

  At the same time, it is easy to use the steering wheel to set the steering wheel at a critical moment. Especially for the palm of the pet female car owners, it is not suitable for use too thick PVC Steering Wheel Cover, otherwise it is difficult to fully wear the "clothes" after the steering wheel, thus affecting traffic safety. Therefore, the Patrol reminded that the steering wheel sets will increase the driving risk, should try to avoid the use of similar products.

  How to pick the right PVC Steering Wheel Cover

  Steering wheel sets of the biggest drawbacks lies in the slippery, and then tighten the silk products will also have a certain impact on the control. Therefore, in the selection of steering wheel sets to choose the larger side of the friction, the installation will not appear after the slippery situation.

  At the same time, the PVC Steering Wheel Cover the surface can not be too slippery, such as long-haired material, flax and other steering wheel sets, the use of slippery may be caught phenomenon. In addition, before use, to check the direction of the PVC Steering Wheel Cover work, see if there are some hard lines or hard wrinkles, so as not to use scratch the palm of your hand.