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Leather Seat Cover, Steering Wheel Cover How Dirty Cleaning?

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

Leather seat cover, steering wheel cover how dirty cleaning?

Many of the owners of the pursuit of a comfortable ride experience will buy a leather with a seat material configuration, even if the original is not a leather material seat will be fitted with leather material seat cover or steering wheel cover. But the use of a long time want to clean but do not know where to start, to the outside of the cleaning shop to clean the price is too expensive and not cost-effective.

Recently, fans have interacted with us to mention the direction of our leather steering wheel sets in the usual time to touch the hand sweat, if dirty how to clean?

First of all, the owners in the purchase of leather steering wheel sets of time to pay attention to, and try to buy breathable good cortex, you can use the perforated cortical steering wheel cover.

Many of the owners will find that a long time, leather steering wheel sets will be shiny, or leather fabric feel no time to buy back the time better.

So today and we talk about how to deal with leather steering wheel or leather seats stains.

How to clean the leather material seat cover and steering wheel cover

In fact, to clean the leather seats, steering wheel is not just say that only wipe the water can get.

Really want to thoroughly clean the leather material of the seat, steering wheel, in the cleaning process to first clean the soft towel warm water soak.

Put the right amount of soap evenly on the towel, then gently wipe the leather seat or steering wheel. (Note that you can not use too much soap)

After wiping the soap and water must be ventilated to dry, and then clean the soft towel after the wet wipe can be wiped twice. Remember that after cleaning must naturally dry, do not because of greed with a hair dryer to dry.

Of course, if you feel that the above method is more trouble, so you can choose the market available for sale of leather cleaning agent for cleaning.

But in the purchase of this cleaning agent should pay attention to whether to meet the requirements of cleaning the leather. Qualified leather cleaning agent pH PH value will be 5 to 7.5, there can be identified by the smell, the general smell strong, such a strong and volatile volatile and contains solvents that will be detrimental to the health of the human body, not suitable for Leather seat cover cleaning.

At the same time in the purchase of cleaning agents can be purchased according to demand, the general water-based (can be dissolved in water) cleaning agent is not toxic or less toxic, more environmentally friendly; and emulsification is also water-based, but if the alkaline is too strong The words will hurt the leather material.