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Massage Function Steering Wheel Cover Practical Performance Breakthrough

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

Since the 80 's, steering wheel cover domestic market from scratch and have little need to demand doubled, ugly styles from simple to the ever-changing, but almost no one to further explore the role of steering wheel cover characteristics and related knowledge.

There were people in the industry, urged: car steering wheel cover practical development! steering wheel cover industry for more than 10 years, focused on steering wheel cover development of Yu Haikuan made his point: "steering wheel cover is essential for drivers". In addition to decorations body, the reasons are threefold:

1, the role of steering wheel covers to protect the steering wheel.

2, steering wheel cover with shock-absorbing. According to the survey, few drivers know the wheel will have a damping effect. Due to the steering wheel itself more rigid vehicles in bad condition of the road, suddenly had a small gap, each of the drivers behind the wheel will be a violent shaking, which stimulate the heart. Considering the shock-absorbing steering wheel cover,--EVA part within the product will have a special materials elastomers, alleged to be effective shock, just like tires and body between spring and reduced vibration. There are many drivers, in fact the great harm, particularly long drive driver, according to the health experts say, if directly conducted by the body often stimulates the heart, over time you will be likely to suffer from heart disease, direct damage to the driver's physical health.

3, easy to take apart and wash, helps to improve the health level of life.