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Not Suitable For The PVC Steering Wheel Cover Of Security Risks

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

  Not suitable for the PVC Steering Wheel Cover of security risks

  Summer to the car decoration industry began to booming up, because the winter temperature is low, so the master will choose to buy some warm car ornaments into the car outside, such as cotton cushion, plush back, and another PVC Steering Wheel Cover And so on.However, car rental tips master, we choose these car decoration products, when thinking about the warmth, but also thinking about practicality and peace.

  Take the steering wheel cover is concerned, PVC Steering Wheel Cover if the steering wheel cover is not suitable for the purchase, then we master the steering wheel when the feel will be a lot worse, master the steering wheel will be more difficult to find the time, especially some of the PVC Steering Wheel Cover easily fall , If there is an emergency situation, the basic security can not guarantee the safety of the driver and the safety of the staff.

  In addition, the car is prompted to drive some of the female enemies, some women's enemies of the palm of your hand is absolutely more petite, if coupled with the direction of the disk sets, PVC Steering Wheel Cover then grasp the steering wheel is even more difficult, so that indirectly affect the safety of traffic, added the accident The probability of an attack.