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Seven Tips-mechanical Steering Gear Maintenance

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

1. when the potholed roads, slow down and reduce steering under load.

2. always check the steering wheel protective cover and steering wheel on either side of the upper State connected with the universal cross shaft protective sleeve. Sheath damage causes early wear and damage the most important factor. Sheath is damaged, sand by water and dust into steering the tear, damage gear grease oil film, led to a shift to machine internal corrosion, abnormal wearing phenomena, such as water and sand not disposed of immediately, will result in the short term direction of scrap. So at least once a month to check state dust jacket, if sheath is damaged must be replaced immediately, and before replacing the steering wheel to do comprehensive inspections and maintenance.

3. wheel alignment done after adjusting the beam before, changing the Steering rod, paying special attention to protective cover cannot be twisted, assembled in place, otherwise you will cause damage to the sheath.

4. arising out of the use of grease will gradually become dirty, degenerate, reduced ability to lubricate and wear of material will be gradually increased, abrasive wear phenomena will be more severe, so wearing. Every 100,000 miles or so to do a comprehensive maintenance, cleaning and filling grease again.

5. directions of use conditions, under load, you must use a special grease, ordinary greases do not meet requirements.

6. the gap will gradually increase in use, if the steering wheel left and right air travel for more than 15 degrees, the direction must be checked, such as rack and pinion wear serious, steering wheel assembly must be replaced if no abnormal wear, but gap is too large, and can be adjusted. Adjustments to be carried out by trained professionals to service stations, adjusted to ensure that the steering wheel left and right to the limit position, and even strength, rotational flexibility.

7. do not move in poorly equipped, low level of maintenance and maintenance of roadside shops. Steering wheel adjustment will cause death, endangering traffic and personal safety.