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Steering Wheel Covers Installed Improperly Can Weaken The Road Feeling

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 05, 2016

It is understood that the correct posture is a thumb grip the steering wheel lightly clasped the other 4 fingers, whole is hollow fist of the hand-grip. Grip the steering wheel to shake up. Equipped with a steering wheel cover, increase the diameter of the wheel, making most drivers can't grip the wheel. Small female drivers for Palm, not suitable for using too thicker steering wheel cover.

Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police traffic police described, shocks to the driver through the steering wheel to know the road conditions, especially at high speeds, or a zig zag, can make emergency through the steering wheel in time to judge. However, the auto install plush steering wheel cover, be impaired drivers on the road. Police noted that the steering wheel itself has a non-slip design, retrofitting and fluffy steering wheel cover will reduce steering wheel and friction between the hands, reducing the coefficient of friction between the two. If you experience sudden turn, turning movements and fluffy steering wheel cover is more slippery and even sell, resulting in the car went out of control and caused the accident. In addition, some fluffy steering wheel cover with plush toys, accessories, and even interfere with safe driving. "Fluffy steering wheel cover for security breaches, I hope Members will carefully select the types of auto parts.