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The Classification Of Car Seat Cushion

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 04, 2016

Like other automotive interior decorations, car seat cushion also have many different classification. Here are some detailed introduction.

The first is the traditional bamboo weaving car seat cushion, whose biggest advantage is coolness. This kind of car seat cushion is a good choice because of its favorable price. However, bamboo weaving seat cushion will not be used more than two years.

The second type is flex car seat cushion, which is made by natural material. This kind of car seat cushion is water-proof and heat resisting, and it has good breathability.

The third is ice silk car seat cushion. This kind of seat cushion also has good breathability and auto-humidity. What’s more,  ice silk car seat cushion has better hand feeling and carious colors, which is popular among car owners.

Cattle hide leather is breathable and fungi-proofing, but as its expensive price, it is suitable for high-end cars.

Car seat cushion can be divided into various types according to their materials. Car owners can choose the one that fit your style.