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The Classification Of Stationery

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 05, 2016

Stationery refers to an instrument to help us achieve some activities, it can be divided into student supplies, office supplies, stationery for gift use and so on.

Student supplies is the most important branch of stationery, which is used by students. Stationery for gift use means that, some stationery will be used as gift to send to someone. This kind of stationery branch will have exquisite workmanship and high quality.

Office supplies are different from student supplies, which focus on durability and practicability, and have more detailed classification.

The first one is service supplies, such as notebooks, pens, portfolio and electronic equipment. The second one is office consumables, including printing-supplies, binding-supplies, office paper and so on. The next one is daily necessities, which consist of tissue, cleaning supplies, drinks and so on. And financial products are also necessary.

Our company, Zibo Autumn Trade Co., Ltd. has engaged in trading and manufacturing stationery products for many years, if you have any question or have a mind to buy products, please don’t hesitate to contact me.