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The Maintenance Of Steering Wheel Cover

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 26, 2016

Steering Wheel Cover has many advantages, when driving through the potholed roads, steering wheel cover can slow down vibration and reduce the uncomfortable feeling. And it can protect steering wheels and it is convenient to clean.

How to maintain steering wheel cover? Here are some suggestions.

Car owners need always check the steering wheel protective cover and steering wheel on either side of the steering wheel cover. The damage causes early wear and damage the most important factor. So at least once a month to check the outer materials, if sheath is damaged must be replaced immediately, and before replacing the steering wheel to do comprehensive inspections and maintenance.

The steering wheel cover need to be installed correctly. For genuine leather steering wheel cover, car owners can scrub it by dry cloth, and do not use sharp tools to destroy the steering wheel cover.

Our company has engaged in manufacturing and trading for many years, we can promise the high-quality products and quick and safe delivery. We can produce products according to your requirements and prices are negotiable. Our main products are steering wheel covers, with various classification and styles.