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The Role Of The Steering Wheel Cover

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Today for everyone to explain the role of steering wheel cover, so that everyone on the car interior supplies have a clearer understanding.

For the car owners, the steering wheel cover not only as a car decoration, but also a grandstanding accessories, for the steering wheel cover, you can think of what? Foil, ornament, or?

In fact, the car steering wheel sets have two roles:

① the most one-sided is to protect the role of steering wheel, it is easy to clean, is to improve the car life of automotive interior supplies. Drivers in the process of driving the direction of the steering wheel and hand contact the most, it is easy to produce a lot of dirt, while producing a lot of bacteria adsorbed on the steering wheel. Want to remove these bacteria can only pass through the high temperature sterilization, ultraviolet, etc., ordinary with a damp cloth can not play a role. But the steering wheel fixed in the car, not easy to clean, installed the steering wheel cover that can easily take off the cleaning.

② car steering wheel cover there is a role is the role of shock absorption, and perhaps many drivers will ignore this point. As the steering wheel is too hard, when the driving road is not very good, it will produce a shock, the driver will feel a strong sense of shock, so as to stimulate the heart, is not conducive to the health of the body, many drivers did not realize this. In the past few years the development of automotive interior process, the design of the car steering wheel cover is also very particular about the design of the steering wheel cover, taking into account the shock problem, the use of the latest technology in a part of the product using a special material EVA elastomer , Can be a good buffer vibration. This is also a guarantee for the driver's body.

In addition to the decorative effect of the steering wheel cover, it is necessary to improve the practical knowledge of the steering wheel cover, not just the car decoration, it is recommended that the driver in the choice of steering wheel sets, do not choose Cheap car steering wheel cover, but should choose high quality is conducive to the health of the steering wheel cover.