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Velvet Steering Wheel Cover There Are Security Risks

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 01, 2017

In the winter, many owners will be their car for winter cushion, used to keep warm. In addition, more and more owners have begun to pay attention to the warmth of both hands, to the steering wheel to install the steering wheel sets, these steering wheel sets feel warm and comfortable, stylish and beautiful, a cab interior a beautiful landscape. Although the steering wheel sets will bring warm hands to the owner's hands, but there are also security risks.

Steering wheel cover damage: resulting in the process of driving can not grip the steering wheel or slip

Some friends think that the use of steering wheel sets can also hold the steering wheel, for the driving process without any impact. But the actual situation is, in the event of an emergency, such as the need to avoid the direction of hurry to avoid, then you need to hand tightly hold the steering wheel, to make a rapid and accurate response, but if the set of thick steering wheel will hinder Driver operation.

There are also drivers will not only use the steering wheel cover, but also wearing a non-slip gloves or ordinary gloves to drive, it turns out that this is not desirable. The same can not avoid the problem of slipping.

So how to solve the problem of winter driving cold?

In fact, the steering wheel or the best hand, from the steering wheel to get the most direct feedback

1. If it is to use the steering wheel cover for warmth, we recommend direct purchase of winter gloves with anti-skid function, compared to the steering wheel cover to be more secure, and can really do warm.

2. If the steering wheel material is not satisfied, you can consider hand-sewn leather steering wheel cover.

Special note: hand-sewn leather steering wheel cover and we need to use the rubber fixed steering wheel cover is very different, the most critical point it is really fixed on the steering wheel, there will be no relative displacement, and in the sewing The process will make the direction set close to the steering wheel, you can do fully fit.