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Winter How To Choose Their Own Steering Wheel Cover

Zibo Autumn Trade Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2017

  Winter how to choose their own steering wheel cover, safety risks need to pay attention to

  As the temperature drops, more and more car owners will wear a thick "winter coat" for their car's steering wheel. What kind of steering wheel is better in winter? Many car owners do not know, the market is a variety of steering wheel cover although warm fashion, but also for driving safety has a certain impact. So, what are the safety risks of using the steering wheel? How should we choose the steering wheel suit?

  Type of steering wheel cover

  The market on the steering wheel cover a lot of types, if according to the different materials to classify, can be divided into plush, velvet, thick cloth, imitation leather, leather, diving cloth, colloidal tablets, leather and high-density lamb hair thickening dermis, cowhide, etc., but also on the basis of a number of improved materials, such as luminous leather, non-slip particles, short velvet electric embroidery and plush small dolls with the steering wheel cover. According to their own characteristics, at the time of the choice, the experts will advise the owners to choose the inner friction of the larger steering wheel cover, such as cloth, linen, can keep the hands dry, while in winter, experts will advise owners to choose plush type of steering wheel cover, the main purpose is to warm.

  What kind of steering wheel cover should be chosen in winter?

  Winter Choice steering wheel cover comfortable feeling is very important, hand-sewn leather steering wheel cover is a good choice. Not only improves the car interior grade, but also enhances the driving safety. Hand-sewn leather steering wheel cover with the daily life of the plush-type steering wheel sleeve There is a big difference, the most important point is that it is really fixed on the steering wheel, there will be no relative displacement, and in the sewing process will make the direction of the steering wheel, can be completely fit to avoid slipping.

  What are the safety risks of steering wheel cover?

  Many car owners are not clear about the hazards and effects of using steering wheel covers on driving safety. First of all, the low temperature in winter, people's ability to respond and sense of decline, driving a car more need to be careful, the use of the steering wheel set to increase the driver's control difficulty.

  Second, snow and rain in winter, road icing phenomenon, the use of steering wheel cover will reduce the friction between the steering wheel and hand, in the face of rain and snow road, sharp turn of the steering wheel difficult to control, easy to appear control slipped, in dealing with emergency situation is not conducive to safe disposal, steering wheel easy to dispose of, affecting safety, causing accidents