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Automobile Interiors suppliers

  • Leather Car Seat Cushion
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    Leather Car Seat Cushion

    Leather car seat cushion is made of imitation leather,the material is comfortble and ultraviolet-proof. Leather material car seat cushion is devided into two parts, one part is installed on the seat, and the other part installs on the back. We can make all colors of leather car seat cushion, and...Read More
  • Shoulder Pads For Women
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    Shoulder Pads For Women

    Shoulder Pads for Women The basic function of shoulder pads is that, it can relieve the tense when wearing the seat belt for a long time . Shoulder pads for women can not only relax shoulder’s stress, but also provide a more comfortable driving environment. And the car owners who have children...Read More
  • Polyester Fabrics Umbrella Case
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    Polyester Fabrics Umbrella Case

    Umbrella case are used in rainy day, when drivers used umbrellas outside, and he or she can put the wet umbrella in the cases after came in the car, and avoid wet the car interior. Polyster fabrics umbrella case uses bibulous fabric material to make, and can absorb the water efficiently and...Read More
  • PVC Umbrella Case
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    PVC Umbrella Case

    PVC material umbrella case occupy less car inner space but has high capacity, and it is collapsible, which is convenient for drivers. The PVC material, resistant to heat and fire, is a kind of general-purpose plastic and is widely used in many industries. PVC also have many other features, which...Read More
  • Seat Back Storage Bag
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    Seat Back Storage Bag

    Seat back storage bag is a kind of car interior decoration which install at the car seat back. Car seat back storage bag is convenient and can save space to store sundries, such as plastic bottles, sunglasses and so on, it brings confort for drivers. We can produce all kinds of seat back storage...Read More
  • Square Car Seat Cushion
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    Square Car Seat Cushion

    Square car seat cushion is a single type car seat cushion, which will put on the car seat and increase the comfortable feeling when driving. The material of square car seat cushion is velvet, PU leather or PVC leather, and we can make according to customers' requirements. Specification: This...Read More
  • Car Storage Pocket
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    Car Storage Pocket

    Car storage pocket is used in car interior, and it can store tiny things, such as sunglasses, pens, notebooks and so on. Car storage bag can be installed in car seat back, the material and color is customized. Quick Details Name: Car Storage Pocket Type: Other Material: Other Place of Origin:...Read More
  • Velvet Car Seat Cushion
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    Velvet Car Seat Cushion

    Velvet car seat cushion is made of velvet material, and it has different velvet colors. This kind of velvet car seat cushion has a cute pillow, which will protect the waist and back. Velvet car seat cushion is suitble for winter use, the velvet is comfortble. Quick Details Material: Velvet Type:...Read More
  • PU Car Seat Cushion
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    PU Car Seat Cushion

    PU material car seat cushion is one of our main products, it is eco-frinedly and comfortble. PU car seat cushion can be easily installed, which will bring superior feeling of car seat. This kind of PU car seat cushion is consist of two parts, and it has beautiful design and appearance, which is...Read More
  • Shoulder Pads For Men
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    Shoulder Pads For Men

    Shoulder Pads for men Shoulder pads for men is especially designed for men, which will relieve male drivers' stress and increase the tiredness when driving. T here are many types of shoulder pads , and it is easy to install. Shoulder pads are necessary for a car. Features 1. Relieve...Read More