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We are a professional manufacturer and trading company.

Address: Room 1213, Yihaiguoji B, Linzidadao Road, Zibo, Shandong, China

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  • PVC Umbrella Case
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    PVC Umbrella Case

    PVC material umbrella case occupy less car inner space but has high capacity, and it is collapsible, which is convenient for drivers. The PVC material, resistant to heat and fire, is a kind of general-purpose plastic and is widely used in many industries. PVC also have many...Read More
  • Shoulder Pads For Women
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    Shoulder Pads For Women

    Shoulder Pads for Women The basic function of shoulder pads is that, it can relieve the tense when wearing the seat belt for a long time . Shoulder pads for women can not only relax shoulder’s stress, but also provide a more comfortable driving environment. And the car owners...Read More
  • Shoulder Pads For Men
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    Shoulder Pads For Men

    Shoulder Pads for men Shoulder pads for men is especially designed for men, which will relieve male drivers' stress and increase the tiredness when driving. T here are many types of shoulder pads , and it is easy to install. Shoulder pads are necessary for a car. Features...Read More
  • Cartoon Pattern Notebook
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    Cartoon Pattern Notebook

    Cartoon pattern notebook is high-quality notebook with cartoon picture in the front page. The outside material of cartoon pattern notebook is PVC film, and the inner material is upper paper. The cartoon pattern notebook has many types and we can produce according to your...Read More
  • Woven Grain Notebook
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    Woven Grain Notebook

    Woven grain notebook is one of the best selling in our company, and it has two colors, black and white, and we accept customized printing in the page. The package of woven grain notebook is OPP bag, one piece in one OPP bag. The woven grain is clear and design is beautiful....Read More
  • Colorful PU Pen Case
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    Colorful PU Pen Case

    Colorful PU pen case is a type of our pen case products, the material of this kind of pen case is PU leather with different colors. The size of colorful PU pen case is 180*85mm, and inside is a sponge block which will keep the PU pen case beautiful. Colorful PU pen case is a...Read More
  • Colorful PVC Pen Case
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    Colorful PVC Pen Case

    Colorful PVC Pen Case We have three colors of the colorful PVC pen case currently, pink, black and blue,and we can produce according to your requirements. The size of this colorful PVC material pen case is 193*53mm, which is suitble as gifts. Quick Details Type: Pencil Bag...Read More
  • Woven Grain Pen Case
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    Woven Grain Pen Case

    Woven grain pen case is 180mm long, 55mm wide and 30cm high, it has black and white colors with corresponding zipper color. The surface of woven grain pen case is lattice pattern, and inside is sponge block. Woven Grain Pen Case 1. This kind of woven grain pen case has two...Read More
  • Fabric Material Pen Case
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    Fabric Material Pen Case

    Fabric material pen case is 195mm long, 50mm wide and 40mm high, the color is bright and it is especially suitble for girls. The style of fabric material pen case is simple, and the quality is high. We can produce according to your requirements with your printing. Quick...Read More